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A. M .A EXPORTERS (Name in inglish)

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We are not traders, resellers (Trading) or broker, we are exporters (End seller-Direct Exporting) , to contact you with one seriously and real supplier of argentinian commodities. We can supply vegetable oil for human consumtion, milk powder, cereals, grains, flours, all types. We can provide soybean oil and sunflower oil refined or mixture of the two in pet-bottle or in bulk. You can check our seriousness in the consulates, embassies and chambers of commerce or in the customs of Argentine. Our tax numbers are in the dossier and number of exporter (CUIT) .
"""""""Vegetable oils of hight quality pet-bottle for human consumption"""""""".
Number of bottles by Carton boxes. (Pet x Lts)
24x0, 500
12x0, 900
12x1, 000
12x1, 500
6x3, 000
4x3, 800
4x4, 500
4x5, 000
FOB. Mixture with soybean oil and sunflower oil. (USD / Box)
24, 54-24x0, 500
19, 95-12x0, 900
21, 87-12x1, 000
33, 37-12x1, 500
33, 81-6x3, 000
28, 46-4x3, 800
33, 25-4x4, 500
36, 70-4x5, 000
FOB. Pure Soybean oil. (USD / Box)
24, 28-24x0, 500
19, 73-12x0, 900
21, 62-12x1, 000
32, 99-12x1, 500
33, 44-6x3, 000
28, 15-4x3, 800
32, 87-4x4, 500
36, 29-4x5, 000
FOB. Pure Sunflower oil. (USD / Box)
27, 99-24x0, 500
23, 09-12x0, 900
25, 37-12x1, 000
Mixtures: 90% Soybean oil-10% Sunflower oil.
10% Soybean oil-90% Sunflower oil.
""""""IN BULK""""""
The price today of crude soybean oil in bulk is of $1. 200 USD / MT-FOB.
The price today of refined soybean oil in bulk is of $1. 370 USD / MT-FOB.
The price today of refined sunflower oil in bulk is of $1. 485 USD / MT-FOB.
The price today of crude sunflower oil in bulk is of $1. 350 USD / MT-FOB.
Note: These prices are creation date of this site (15 / 08 / 2008) and are subject to the vagaries of markets. For CIF, you have to add to these prices the cost of shipping and insurance, Aprox. + 200 USD / MT.
Origin: Argentina.
Classification of seller (Our Company) : Export direct-Selling direct.
Mode of payment: Letter of credit, no-transferable, confirmed and irrevocable, of a first-rate Top 50 bank or in cash to the sign of contract. By the total 100% of the sum of the spot.
Granted of delivery: The non comply with the delivery of goods by the seller or the suspension of contract by the buyer will be sanctioned with a penalty clause in the contract by the amount that the buyer prefers. We not deliver ''PB'', this clause legally ensures full compliance by both parties, buyer and seller.
Type of contract: Only spot-The amount by spot is chosen by the buyer and each spot were signs a new contract and the price is updated. We not signed contracts with deliveries per month for one year, only spot. This is not negotiable.
We offer the customer all types of delivery (FOB, CIF, CFR, . . ) . We are end seller of Argentinean commodities. We are exporting serious and not a company that sails by Internet looking resell the goods. We do not send samples, the phytosanitary certificates fulfill this function (Qualitas, Veritas, SGS. . ) . The POP are delivered by the Argentine government and is in Spanish.
AleuMartinez & Avino Exportadores- (A. M. A Exportadores) .
( Multinational Ibero-American Exporters)
WWW. amaexportadores. com
Company NameA. M .A EXPORTERS (Name in inglish)
Business TypeOther
Main ProductsSoybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Powdered Milk, Cereals, Flour, Vegetable Oil, Milk Powder, Full Cream Milk Powder, Grains, All Argentinian Commodities, refined sunflower oil, refined soybean oil, cooking oil, edible oil, soya oil
Export Percentage91% - 100%
CityBuenos Aires
Province/StateBuenos Aires
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Telephone5************3  Click here,Go to alibaba site View all
Street AddressVirrey Cevallos
Zip Code2078
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