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Mofab Flexi Building System HB


Speed does not exclude quality!

Our technology allows us to offer you rapidly built High-quality houses. Our offer includes a building Solution for a large variety of applications.
In addition to that, we have a particular interest Providing a building solution that contributes to Sustainable development.

Our houses have many benefits .

For the builder:

Light and simple to handle easy to cut, drill and saw. Rapidly mounted 32 man-hours for a 100 sq. house. Labor friendly -regular low protection level. No heavy machinery a minimum of tools needed.

For the owner:

Very well insulated 1.7 times Swedish normal standards per cm. Very sturdy thanks to our steel and concrete structure.
Fire proof meets high international standards. Mold proof high alkali element surface.
Insect proof no nutrition available.
Earthquake proof extremely light weight in proportion to structure.
Our materials contain no allergens.


Our technology enables our customers to build sturdy, energy efficient houses. We provide a building solution that is versatile and adaptable to any local conditions. Be it a chicken shack, a day care center, an icehouse, or a hangar, we can deliver.
Be it elements of 1 cm or 40 cm thickness, you are free to decide. We deliver everything you need for mounting onsite. For large
scale projects we welcome local partners.

We have unique construction with fast assembly .

We use so called structural insulated panels (SIPs) as a basis for our concept. These are high performance building panels, which can be used in floors, walls, and roofs for residential, light commercial buildings, storage halls or other applications. The panels are made by sandwiching a core of expanded polystyrene (EPS) between two structural boards (see material specification be- low). Building with this technique allows us to custom design each building solution. The result is a building system that is extremely strong, energy efficient and cost effective.

We have also developed a small scale mobile factory and a unique construction and assembly technique which completes the chain from panel production to delivering a housing system and effective climate shell. The main components of our concept are described here below.

A MOFAB house is a prefab concept of smaller or larger units of panels being assembled on-site. Based on a concrete house foundation, MOFAB elements are put in place to form the outer walls. Concrete pillars are then poured in preformed voids to form the construction frame. With a supporting beam in place and relevant numbers of rafters the roof panels can be mounted. Putting up this building shell and construction frame takes 2-3 days
(given that the housing base is in place).
The MOFAB sandwich panels consist of a core (expanded poly- styrene, EPS) glued in a sandwich construction with two outer (Magnesium oxide) boards.

We have chosen this board (see description below) for our sandwich solution due to its favorable product characteristics. One
of the most important features is however, its high fire protecting abilities for the fire sensitive core material EPS. Using the board as a skin combined with EPS as a core material in the sandwich construction, combines the best of to worlds. A core with outstanding thermal insulation properties and a protecting skin with several protecting features as well as strength. The MOFAB panel will in this way withstand considerable heat and fire.
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Main ProductsPrefab House
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