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New York computers Suppliers

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United States computers suppliers
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Company Name Business Type Total No. Employees Year Established Annual Output Value

Unlock device Ltd

iPhones, Laptops, Computers , Photo copier and Printing machines, Home electronics
United StatesNew YorkNew York,
Wholesaler51 - 100 People1998US$50 Million - US$100 Million

Lookman Group Inc.

Gifts Items,Electronics,Computers,Accessories,Security
United StatesNew YorkBrooklyn
Trading Company
11 - 50 People1996-

UniSols Systems LLC

Commodity Good, Mobile Phone, Medical Equipments, Computers
United StatesNew YorkBethpage
Agent5 - 10 People2003Below US$1 Million


Rc Cars, T shirts, Water Bottles, Hats, Computers, Custom built aircraft
United StatesNew YorkNew York
ManufacturerFewer than 5 People2011Below US$1 Million

R & A Exports

Cosemtics, cothes, computers, electronics, and arigculture  
United StatesNew YorkNew York
Agent5 - 10 People--

Baba Service

Computers, telephones
United StatesNew Yorkoxford
Distributor/Wholesaler51 - 100 People-US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million

G&B International

Computers, laptops, TV, plasma TV, home cinema, portable electronics, sewing machines  
United StatesNew YorkBay shore
Trading Company501 - 1000 People1990 Below US$1 Million

kavex systems

Major dealer in phones, computers, and accessories  
United StatesNew Yorkwingdale
Distributor/Wholesaler11 - 50 People1989 US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million

Nesak Electronics

Computers, Notebooks/Laptops, Digital Camera, Cellphones, PDAs.  
United StatesNew YorkYonkers
Distributor/Wholesaler5 - 10 People1998 US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million


Laptop, MP3 player, computers, furs, designer handbags, refurbished goods,  
United StatesNew YorkNew York
OtherFewer than 5 People2005 Below US$1 Million


Computers, Laptops, Technical support  
United StatesNew YorkNew York
AgentFewer than 5 People10 Below US$1 Million

Nrc-sony Warehouse INC.

Laptops, computers, plasam TV, camcorders, cameras, psp, playstation, DVD, TV  
United StatesNew YorkNew York
Distributor/Wholesaler101 - 200 People1976 US$5 Million - US$10 Million

Marius SRL Company

Laptop, computers, monitors  
United StatesNew YorkNew York
OtherFewer than 5 People--

Ukrainian International Group

Computers, electronics Wholesale  
United StatesNew YorkNew York
Distributor/Wholesaler5 - 10 People1963 Above US$100 Million


Computers, laptops, accessories  
United StatesNew YorkNYC
OtherFewer than 5 People2006 Below US$1 Million

Takedat Software 2

Computers, notebook, laptop, software, MP3 and etc.  
United StatesNew YorkBronx
OtherFewer than 5 People2005 Below US$1 Million


Computers, laptops, second hand, mobile phones  
United StatesNew YorkNewyork
Agent5 - 10 People1999 US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million

J & C International Bussines Corporation

Computers, electronics, video  
United StatesNew YorkCorona
Distributor/Wholesaler11 - 50 People1995 Below US$1 Million


Computers, Games, Audio  
United StatesNew YorkNyc
OtherFewer than 5 People1999 Below US$1 Million


Televisions, Computers, Video Projectors, Laptops  
United StatesNew YorkBrooklyn
Distributor/Wholesaler51 - 100 People--


Electronics, Computers, Consumer Electronics  
United StatesNew YorkBronx
OtherFewer than 5 People--

Calabu corp

Electronics, Computers, Games  
United StatesNew YorkRichomond Hill
Distributor/Wholesaler5 - 10 People2007 Below US$1 Million


Computers, Electronics, Jewelry, Toys, Housewares, Gifts, Gift Baskets, Ornaments, Clothing / Apparel  
United StatesNew YorkBrooklyn
Distributor/Wholesaler-2007 -


Vehicles, right hand vehicles, left hand vehicles, vehicles, new and used engines, tobacco products, cigars, cigarettes, computers, emission testing  
United StatesNew YorkRonkonkoma
Distributor/Wholesaler51 - 100 People1981 US$50 Million - US$100 Million


Computers, computer components, consumer electronics, video games, mobile phones, the newest and most advanced tecnology items  
United StatesNew YorkSuite 263
OtherFewer than 5 People2000 Below US$1 Million


Computers, real estate, marketing  
United StatesNew YorkNew York
Trading Company
51 - 100 People1987 US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million


United StatesNew YorkLONG BEACH

J.B. Ellis Electronics, Inc

Audio Video, Computers, Electronics, Home Theater, Security, Software, Networking, Wireless, Home Automation, Navigation  
United StatesNew YorkJamaica
Trading Company
5 - 10 People2004 Below US$1 Million

Chevour International Enterprises, Inc

Computers, Consumer Electronics, All Computer Products, PCs
United StatesNew YorkLockport
Other5 - 10 People1999US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million

Bergen Trading Corp

General Electronics, computers, notebooks, MP3 players and mobile phone  
United StatesNew YorkNew York
Distributor/Wholesaler5 - 10 People--

Blak Mobile Ltd

Computers, Camcorders, cellphones, Plasma TV  
United StatesNew YorkNew York
Distributor/Wholesaler11 - 50 People1968 US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million


Computers, and all agents  
United StatesNew YorkBrentwood
Agent5 - 10 People2001 US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million

PC Distributor

Computers, moitors, hard drives  
United StatesNew YorkFrewsburg
Distributor/Wholesaler11 - 50 People2003 US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million

AB System Technologies

Gereral home appliances, TV, computers, notebooks, music equipments, korgs, camcorders, phones and general electronics.  
United StatesNew YorkBrooklyn
Trading Company11 - 50 People--

Zv Trading INC

Computers, cell batterys  
United StatesNew YorkBrooklyn
Distributor/Wholesaler5 - 10 People2002 Below US$1 Million


Computers, laptops, LCD  
United StatesNew YorkNew York
Manufacturer11 - 50 People1996 Below US$1 Million


Mobile Phones, cell phones, Nokia, motorola, samsung, Computers, laptops, desktops, servers, Inflatables, tents
United StatesNew YorkMacedon
Distributor/Wholesaler5 - 10 People2002Above US$100 Million

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